While at the Getty, I was able to work extensively with the Center for Photographs. Being a photography enthusiast, this was a great opportunity for me to live with a lot of great works of art and learn intimately about their creators.

Dialogue Among Giants: Carleton Watkins was my favorite exhibition because he was such an influential figure, and most of the work was from turn of the century San Francisco, as well as the North Bay and Yosemite.

Dialogue Among Giants: Carleton Watkins

Luc Delahaye and Edward Weston was an intersting juxtaposition of artists. Although Delahaye's installation was very minimal, it was extremely challenging because each piece was +15ft in size and several hundred pounds.

Luc Delahaye / Edward Weston

Graciela Iturbide: Danza de la Cabrita, was a fascinating exhibition about Oaxacan culture. I was very interested in her work because of her ties to Manuel Alvarez Bravo, one of my favorite photographers.

Graciela Iturbide / Andres Kertesz